baby steps to learning to love yourself :

- look in the mirror everyday and say “wow i’m super cute”

- drink lots of h20 

- wear whatever you’d like and don’t let anyone stop you

- ignore the scale

- eat lots of strawberries

- spend time with nature

- do things that make YOU feel good

- you got this

- i believe in you

- you’re worth it

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i was not going to post or comment on this outfit but it won’t stop bothering me so let me just put it out there.

Amber is clearly trying to relive her glory days here, before she had her baby because she doesn’t have the body that this dress requires for it to work, the back of it didn’t do as much damage as the front, her tummy, those thighs, the proportions are off.

so ladies, if you are going to go revealing this Spring/Summer please remember that it doesn’t just boil down to having a toned body

So because she’s not fit or skinny, her body isn’t right for this dress ? This sounds a lot like body shaming and maybe that’s your opinion but it’s an opinion that was better kept to self. So what if she’s not skinny or toned? She’s obviously comfortable in her own skin to be able to wear a dress as revealing as that and she’s still looking beautiful at that ! A lot of celebrities get work done and Amber Rose is 100% natural. She’s beautiful and she’s not only glowing but she’s working that dress. She doesn’t need to tone down, she’s thick, she’s fabulous and she’s comfortable and that’s all there is to it.

trash ass opinion comin’ from a trash ass blog

she slayed idc 

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also from today. feeling puffy

You my dear are looking soo fine.

you look amazing!



great work! Keep it up ally


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it’s not that complicated 

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